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1stgrRecommended for First Grade.

JA Our Families introduces students to entrepreneurship and learning objectives for first-grade social studies, including families, neighborhoods, money, and needs and wants. Through hands-on classroom activities, the students explore the ways in which businesses provide goods, services, and jobs for families.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

  •  Describe the similarities and differences found in families.
  • Begin to understand that families must earn money to pay for the things they need and want.
  • Recognize the importance of entrepreneurial businesses to the neighborhood.
  • Identify the goods and services provided by local businesses.
  • Explain one of the entrepreneurial characteristics: Satisfy a Need or a Want

Program Brief 2017-18 [PDF] │ Program Overview 2017-18 [PDF]

Program Brief 2016-17 [PDF]  Program Overview 2016-17 [PDF]

2016-17 Training Videos courtesy of Junior Achievement of South Dakota:

2017-18 Online Resources and Resource Videos

  1.  Go to: learn.ja.org
  2. Login: gradeone.volunteer
  3. Password: J@swct
  4. Under My JA Courses, click Resources, then click JA Our Families Resources – Class_11-26-2017_9738_1.

Various digital assets are available. Please note: the digital assets are for optional use.

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