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4thgrRecommended for Fourth Grade.

JA Our Region introduces fourth-grade students to entrepreneurship and upper elementary grades social studies learning objectives, including regions, resources, and supply chains.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

  • Differentiate between entrepreneurial skills they have and those they would like to acquire.
  • Recognize how entrepreneurs use resources (human, capital, natural) to produce goods and services in a region.
  • Describe the skills and tasks, an entrepreneur must master to start a successful business.
  • Explain how trade leads to economic interdependence among nations.

Program Brief [PDF]  Program Overview [PDF]

Online Resources and Resource Videos

  1.  Go to: learn.ja.org
  2. Login: gradefour.volunteer
  3. Password: J@swct
  4. Under My JA Courses, click Resources, then click JA Our Region Resources – JASWCT-Our Region-Demo.

Various digital assets are available. Please note: the digital assets are for optional use.

Additional Resources