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The Elementary School Program (ESP) operates in public, parochial and private schools in the Southwest Connecticut area. This five-session program is offered to students in Kindergarten through fifth grade and is taught by a business volunteer, retiree or parent.

Volunteers attend an orientation session conducted by Junior Achievement staff and are provided with educational materials for the class. The two primary purposes of the Elementary School Program are to teach students about their future role as citizens, consumers and workers and the importance of education as it relates to success later in life. It is a sequential program that explores these two purposes through self, family, community, city, region and, finally, nation.  Each lesson plan includes an activity so the students can understand, use and develop their natural talents.

The teacher and volunteer form a team so, while the volunteer conducts the class, the teacher is in the room to assist when necessary and to reinforce the material presented.  We encourage contact between the volunteer and the teacher so the volunteer can benefit from the teacher’s professional training in reaching the students.

ESP, like all of Junior Achievement’s programs, is funded through area business contributions and private foundations and is, therefore, offered without cost to elementary schools.

Junior Achievement of Southwest Connecticut receives requests for the Elementary School Program through the superintendent of schools and/or through individual elementary school principals.  The Elementary School Program begins once orientation is completed and the volunteer has spoken with the teacher to coordinate a schedule of class visits.


Students Served:

  • Actual 2016/2017: 7,524
  • Projected 2017/2018: 5,473

Participating Schools – 2016-2017.

Supporting Partners – 2016-2017.


–updated August 11, 2017 —