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smclogo2016The Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge is a technology based simulation of the stock market in which every 60 seconds represents a day of trading. Beginning with a hypothetical account balance of $500,000, the stakes are high and the competition is fierce. Onsite traders make buying and selling instantaneous and trades are projected immediately to three large screens which track the following:

  • Stock prices
  • Graphical depictions of stock performance
  • Team names with portfolio values and rankings

Corporate funders sponsor approximately 50 student teams. By the end of the event, students walk away with a true sense of how the stock market works, the necessity of team work, will have learned to be a bit more fiscally savvy, and get to experience all of the rush with none of the risk.

Brochure   ●   2017 Final Standings   ●   Press Release

From the 2017 Stock Market Student Challenge

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